Roofing and windows



1/8/09  Well the roof is on and the windows are in.  Things are going slow this winter, but we're still making progress.  Here are some photos to show some of what we have been up to.
We took some very good advice and had the roofing delivered.  I think I calculated the weight at like 12,000 pounds of roofing.  That's a lot of weight to move.  Well worth the $50 delivery fee.
Here the roofing is all spread around the roof.  I did have to go back and get a couple more squares of roofing, brining the total to 44 squares or 4400 sqft of roofing.  Now a lot got cut off and a lot was doubled up in the valleys, but still that's a lot of roofing
Here is a close up of the roofing and the ridge.  We went with a fancy ridge cap.  I'm not sure why as it was really expensive and probably won't hold up as well as a standard ridge.  We also went with a ridge vent instead of the box vents.  You can't really see the ridge vent, but it's the black strip under the ridge shingles. 
Snow came to Oregon this year.  Here is a shot of the house with some snow on the roof.  You can also see in this picture we have gutters on the house so as that snow melts it will be carried away in an orderly fashion.
This is a shot showing the preparation for the garage slab to be poured.  We put down some plastic and a grid of rebar.  The garage slab should be poured any day now and I'll update the site with pictures from that event.

On the far left you can see two little pipes stick up into the garage.  These are conduits for the water line.  The plan is to run the water line through these pipes after the garage slab is done.  One pipe goes out to the well and the other goes under the house. 

The white box on the right is for the furnace.



We have started putting on the soffits and the soffit vents.  Our soffits have a flat return and required some extra framing.  It's slow going but I like the results.  In these pictures you can see the primed soffit material and the galvanized soffit vents.  We'll paint both when we paint the house.

The windows came and they look great.  So far we haven't broken any while installing them.  Here is a shot of Lukas looking out front living room windows.

We went with this brand of windows because they offered these metal grids.  They add some lines to the windows, but they are not as obvious as the white grids would have been.  The color of the grids closely matches stained glass grids.

We are going with a white trim around the windows also. I imagine when the trim is applied it will all look like one big window instead of the 3 separate windows it actually is.

Another shot from by the garage.  The two closest windows are in Katie's bedroom.  The second set back are going into the kitchen.

If you look close in this picture you can see where we left off installing the soffit.  You can also see the soffit framing going around the front.  The soffit actually comes down the walls about 10 inches. It makes the house look a little shorter than it is on the inside.

For the folks in Florida, you will also notice the blue dots on the tar paper.  These are plastic cap nails.  They hold the tar paper on when it gets windy.  The box of nails said they were approved for use in Miami-Dade County.  I guess that means they are hurricane rated.

Another shot of the front. 

I still haven't figured out what the entryway to the front porch will look like.  Right now it's just a rectangular opening between the two arch top window sets.  But I'm thinking about making it an arched entry.  We'll see.  Siding is coming next so I better figure it out soon.

And here is a shot of the back windows and the patio sliders out onto the deck. 

I can't think of anything interesting to point out in this shot except for all that mud!  That stuff sticks to your shoes and just won't come off.  I'll have to get some grass seed planted on that soon.

Here is an inside shot showing the windows in the windowseat area.  Right now we have a lovely view of the tractor shed.  Kim says that will change soon after the house is done
Here is a view looking east.  You can see the neighbors vineyard and the winery out this window.  
The next phase will be installing siding, but I'll start another page for that.