Champion House Project

1750 sqft of living

463 sqft deck

26 X 28 garage

3 bed, 2 bath open floor plan

9' ceilings

Heat: heat pump and wood stove

Roof: 5/12 comp shingles


Accessibility: Garage floor and deck at same elevation as floor

Solar:  Oriented with front facing south and overhangs to shade windows in summer

Designed and built by owner.


About 8 years ago we purchased a little house on 14.5 acres.  We had just gotten done with graduate school in the Bay area.  Kim got her masters from Stanford and I got mine from Cal Berkeley.  It was a great experience going to school down there.  One thing you appreciate after living down there for a while is the privacy and space we can get living here in Oregon.  We loved the location and views from the property.  And it didn't hurt that the mortgage was the same each month as we were paying for rent in a 1 bedroom appt down in Mountainview.  The house that came with the property wasn't the best and we knew that someday we would want to replace it.  The following pages document our house replacement project.


Plans and Permits updated 5/26/2008
Driveway improvement updated 5/26/2008
Foundation and excavation updated 5/26/2008
Building the Floor page 1 updated 7/9/2008
Building the Floor page 2 updated 7/30/2008
Walls and Roof updated 9/9/2008
Roofing and Windows updated 1/8/2009