Walls and Roof


Time was running short so we hired a couple guys to put up the walls and trusses.  Here are some photos.
Somehow we didn't manage to get many photos of the house with just the walls.  But we pick up the story here with the trusses being delivered.  The roof had 59 different shapes of trusses and 160 individual trusses.  Luckily the delivery truck came with a crane.
Here is a photo of Steve walking around on top of the walls catching the trusses.  The man must be part cat.
The septic guys came next.  Here is the required photo of the septic tank.  1500 gallons.  About 60' from the house
Here is the pipe heading down from the tank to the drain field 300' down that-a-way.
For the drain field we needed 450' of drain field pipe.  Here you can see that they used the pipe wrapped in packing peanuts.  The pipe is 4" and the diameter of the peanut tube is 1'.  The trench had to be 2' wide so another tube of peanuts was placed next to it to fill out the 2' trench.
Back to the house.  Here are some shots of the house as it stands today, 9/9/08.  The roof is sheeted.  Well the plywood is up there but I still need go fully nail it down.  I also have to finish putting the plywood on the walls of the house and around the garage.  The next step after getting those things done will be to roof the house.  Hopefully before any more big rains come. 
Porch end of the house.  Similar view to the 3d rendered photo on the index page.  I guess that means we're at least looking at the plans
Garage end.  Still need some sheeting around the garage
Back view, on the garage end.
Another back view.  I still need some sheeting around the deck side also.  I do have a new coil nail gun coming in the mail tomorrow.  That should make nailing off the sheeting much easier.